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Birthday flowers

Order flowers for a birthday or anniversary

For every person, a birthday is a special date. After all, on this day people do not congratulate each other on some holiday, but all the attention goes to just one person. On this day, they give him various gifts and congratulate him on his birthday with a bouquet of flowers. It is believed that flowers chosen for a birthday bouquet are not so expensive, since you still need to spend money on a good gift. However, if you really value a person and want to congratulate him on his birthday with a bouquet of flowers that you won’t be ashamed to give, then you should make a purchase at a specialized florist salon. There you will definitely find a worthy composition that will become a colorful addition to the main gift.

The Camellia florist salon offers to buy birthday flowers arranged by professional florists. We have experienced employees who will offer you to buy a bouquet for birthday, in which every detail will be in its place.

Each of our bouquets is different:

If you want to buy a bouquet of flowers for a birthday that will remain in the memory of the birthday person for a long time, then definitely buy an arrangement from the best craftsmen you can meet in our salon.

A bouquet of flowers will help you congratulate you on your birthday

Sometimes people choose flowers for their birthday as a gift, since this is a tradition that has been maintained for many years. Deciding to buy flowers for birthday will help you present the main gift with a festive look.

If the gift is very small, then we definitely recommend buying a bouquet for your birthday so that it will help you create a picture of giving a more presentable gift. After all, you can really feel the difference when you give a person a gift with flowers and when you don’t. Birthday flowers can be chosen for both women and men.

If you don’t have time to go shopping, our salon provides a flower delivery service for birthdays. You just need to leave your address and indicate the time when it is best for you to accept the order from the courier.

You can also request a flower delivery service on birthday. This means that the courier will bring flowers right at the moment of celebration, which will be very pleasant for the birthday person. We provide delivery in Kyiv to any address. We also have a reasonable price for birthday flowers, which fully corresponds to the quality of the bouquet.

Buy a birthday bouquet with a special design

There are no specific rules that say which flowers to choose for a birthday bouquet. You can choose absolutely any flowers. If you know the birthday person well, then you can offer him a flower arrangement of his favorite plants as a gift.

At the Camellia florist salon you can buy a bouquet of flowers for birthday from a wide range of options offered. Here you can choose very colorful and unusual mixes. For example, you can pay attention to the “Coral Reefs” bouquet. It includes:

Our assortment also includes bouquets under such names as:

These bouquets are attractive not only with the name, but also with the content. They are composed of different colors into magnificent floral arrangements with the original idea of the author.

If you are going to your girlfriend’s birthday or celebrating your wife’s birthday, then you can choose our “Bouquet for your beloved”. You can also choose from an assortment of flower arrangements consisting of:

When choosing flowers for a birthday, price should not play a major role. You don't have to buy the most expensive bouquet. Even at a low price, you can buy a fairly good composition from us, which will be original and will be appreciated by the birthday boy.

Buy flowers for a birthday for the hero of the day

A special birthday always falls on a round date. Often people have a lot of guests when they celebrate 25, 50 and 75 years. In this case, the date is special and the bouquet for this holiday also needs to be chosen special. In this case, it would be a good idea to buy a custom-made flower arrangement. The number of flowers in a bouquet for the hero of the day should correspond to his age. If, for example, you are going to a birthday party for a person who is celebrating 50 years, then in this case a composition of 51 plants is made.

Why do they trust us?

Over the many years of our work, a large number of customers have contacted us, each of whom was satisfied with their purchase. We have earned customer loyalty thanks to:

We pay attention to each client and collect bouquets exclusively from freshly cut flowers. We provide flower delivery for birthdays, which our courier will deliver strictly within the specified time frame. Call or come to us for an order and you will definitely be satisfied with our services.



Which bouquet to choose for a woman’s anniversary?

For a woman’s anniversary, they give lush and voluminous bouquets. They are decorated with rhinestones, sparkles, ribbons and other decorative elements. Bouquets can be composed of flowers such as roses, chrysanthemums, callas, orchids, gerberas, lilies and others.

Which bouquet to choose for a man’s anniversary?

The composition for men should be discreet and not have unnecessary decor. The bouquet should be a little elongated, but its content should be simple and clear. The florist must create a bouquet that will emphasize the courage and strength of the hero of the day. Among the flowers in the bouquet, you can choose tulips, hyacinths, gladioli, roses or carnations.

What bouquet should I give my girlfriend or wife for her birthday?

In this case, volumetric compositions from a collection of different colors are well suited. For a girl, let the buds be painted in pastel colors, and the entire composition be painted with greenery. For your wife, it is better to choose a bouquet in bright and rich colors. It is worth excluding the presence of dark blue and burgundy flowers in the bouquet.

Which birthday bouquet will attract more attention?

A definite favorite is a bouquet of red roses with long stems. If you want your bouquet to be the center of attention and become one of the best gifts, then you can also choose a composition of bright irises, vibrant orchids or colorful gerberas. Flowers can be selected in a basket or hat box.

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