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Bouquet 21 roses

With the help of a bouquet of flowers you can not only give pleasant emotions, but also express your feelings. This can best be done with roses. A beautiful bud on an elastic stem with sharp thorns can speak of sympathy, respect, admiration or love. Roses can symbolize different feelings, not only depending on the shade of the buds, but also on the number of flowers in the bouquet.

You can give 21 roses to express feelings of love and appreciation. Such a number of flowers in a bouquet will indicate that the person to whom you are giving this flower arrangement is very dear to you. A bouquet of 21 roses will say everything for you instead of any words. If you want such a bouquet to be formed correctly and according to the rules of floral etiquette, then contact the Camellia company for purchase. Here you can choose a bouquet of 21 roses, which will be compiled by a professional florist taking into account your wishes.

We offer to buy 21 roses in a single composition, which will include freshly cut flowers. They will stand out:

We select only ideal flowers for the bouquet, which we grow in our own greenhouses. Therefore, as a manufacturer, we guarantee their high quality.

Features of a flower arrangement of 21 roses

A bouquet of 21 roses can symbolize respect and love at the same time. The shades of the buds add symbolism to such a bouquet. If you choose a rose variety with white buds, it will signify purity and innocence. A bouquet of white roses will speak of admiration for unearthly beauty. White roses can be chosen as a gift for a wedding or wedding.

If through us you order a bouquet of 21 roses in Kyiv with a scarlet shade of buds, then this will be a signal to the girl that she is beautiful and very desirable. A composition of 21 roses with pink buds can be presented to an elegant and sophisticated woman. If you want to give a bouquet as a symbol of sympathy, then our florist will select flowers with soft pink buds, which will have not fully opened petals.

You can give roses with yellow petals to that person whom you are proud of and wish him good luck in achieving all his goals. When choosing burgundy roses, remember that they will symbolize a feeling of deep love. With the help of such flowers you can express a feeling of love not only for a girl or woman, but also for a sister or mother.

When and to whom can you give a bouquet of 21 roses

A bouquet of 21 roses can be given for absolutely any occasion. This is a great birthday gift for someone turning 21. A bouquet of 21 roses can be given to a very close person. It is believed that it is better not to give a bouquet with so many flowers to your boss or work colleague. To do this, you better choose a flower arrangement with a different number of buds.

Therefore, choose a bouquet of 21 roses for your girlfriend or wife. You can also give it to:

If you want a flower arrangement of 21 roses to look stylish and attractive, then contact our Camellia florist salon for help. We have qualified employees who know well how to prepare a bouquet for a particular occasion. Thanks to constant development and training, our florists are proficient in various techniques for arranging bouquets, and therefore they will prepare you an original flower arrangement that the recipient will definitely like.

If you have an exquisite taste and want something special, then in our store you can choose a bouquet with a certain variety of roses. Thanks to our wide assortment, we have a large number of varieties that differ from each other in bud shape and other features. Therefore, feel free to contact us for help and you will definitely receive from us the bouquet you were counting on.

How to make a purchase for a bouquet of roses 21 pieces

In our florist salon you can order a bouquet of 21 roses in the format you need. The florist will create a composition by selecting freshly cut flowers. You can order a bouquet of 21 roses in Kyiv with delivery to the specified address. To do this, call our manager or leave a request on the website.



1. How much does a bouquet of roses cost?

Depending on what varieties of roses will be selected for the bouquet, its final cost will depend. The price will also be influenced by the number of colors and design features.

2. How to store roses after purchase?

In order for roses to delight the recipient with their freshness for a long time, they must be placed in a vase with water at room temperature. Before this, the stems must be cut at an angle with a sharp knife. A bouquet of roses must be stored away from drafts, direct sunlight and heat sources.

3. What varieties of roses can you buy for a bouquet?

We are a manufacturer who grows several dozen varieties of roses in our greenhouses. They all differ from each other in various ways. You can visually familiarize yourself with our varieties in the catalog of our website or in our florist salon.

4. How to order a bouquet of roses with delivery?

If you want to purchase a bouquet with delivery, you can call us at a time convenient for you. Having indicated your address, we will send a courier to you who will deliver the composition in the form in which it was prepared by the florist.

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