Free delivery in Kiev for a period of quarantine and a discount on flowers 20%

Public agreement

Return of goods and money.

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and Art. 707 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, flowers are not subject to exchange or return:

   - since flowers relate to goods that quickly deteriorate, it is obvious that it is possible to preserve their presentation or properties only in special conditions.
   - children's soft toys, food products (sweets, fruits, cakes) are not subject to exchange or return in accordance with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 19, 1994 No. 172.

Despite the fact that virtually all delivered products are not subject to return or exchange in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine - returns, exchanges and repeated deliveries are made by the company on its own initiative or for an additional fee, reserving the right to refuse to return or exchange.

1. The procedure for the interaction of the Company with the Client in the event of a complaint:

1.1. The client sends a complaint within 3 hours after receiving the order via the feedback form on the website or sends it to [email protected], indicating in it the order number, date of purchase / delivery, photos. Anonymous complaints with an incorrect order number containing profanity may be considered at the discretion of the Company.

1.2. The Company notifies the Client of receipt of the complaint within a day (24 hours) or on Monday, when it arrives at the weekend. After that, conducts internal monitoring of the situation for no more than 7 working days from the date of receipt of the complaint. After monitoring, the Company gives the Client a reasoned response to its claim.

1.3. Complaints about the quality and freshness must necessarily contain photos taken no later than 3 hours after delivery. Photos sent later in the day (24 hours) from the time the order is completed are not considered. Photos must be sent to [email protected]

1.4. The consideration of the complaint may be suspended due to the lack of a response from the Client within 7 days, the absence or provision of a photo not on time (if the photograph is needed to consider the complaint).

2. The reasons for the return of the moment.

2.1. The order was not delivered on time:

2.1.1. If the actual delivery time is beyond the specified period without agreement with the client (recipient or customer) for more than 60 minutes, the Client has the right to demand compensation in the amount of shipping costs.

When choosing the “Delivery to the exact time” service, within the established delivery periods, it is carried out at an interval of +/- 15 minutes from the time specified by the Client. If the delay is more than 15 minutes, 50% of the return shipping charge is returned.

When making a delivery with a comment in the order “Do not call the recipient”, in the absence of the recipient at the specified address at the time of delivery:

   1. The courier can leave a bouquet at the specified address when agreed with the sender, and the Company declines responsibility for the further safety of the goods.

   2. The courier returns the bouquet back to the store. Re-delivery to another address or the same address, but at another time, is re-paid in full and is carried out during the delivery schedule without priority. If the customer refuses to re-deliver, payment for the order is not refundable, but he can pick up his bouquet at the pick-up point.

2.1.2. The company does not give any guarantees and disclaims responsibility regarding the delivery time if the request is received “Call the recipient to clarify the address, before delivery”. In this case, the time specified by the Recipient, during the call, is of higher priority.

2.1.3. The provisions of compensation clauses do not apply to cases when the Recipient was not in place at the time specified by the Customer, or the delivery time was changed at the request of the Recipient, or cases when the Recipient refused to receive the order. And also with the deterioration of weather conditions that created global congestion in the city, which the Company cannot influence.

2.1.4. In the days of mass demand for services (International Women's Day, Valentine's Day - March 7-9 and February 13-15, respectively), the Company reserves the right to change the delivery time frame or cancel them. In this case, all orders will be delivered during the day.

2.2. Poor product or lack of all components of the order:

2.2.1. The company reserves the right, without the agreement of the customer, to change the composition of flowers in the composition / bouquet by 15-20% taking into account seasonality, but at the same time preserving the appearance, color scheme and style.

2.2.2. If at the time of delivery of the order to the Recipient, the flowers were not of high quality - the Customer has the right to replace the delivered flower arrangement. Photos must be attached to the complaint (see clause 1.3), by which it is possible to determine the state of the flowers on the day the order is received, since the company cannot control the storage conditions for flowers after delivery.

2.2.3. In the absence of any component in the order - the Company delivers the missing component of the order to the Recipient for free or returns the money for it. This item does not apply to free services of the Company. For example, a note cannot be exchanged or re-delivered, even if the courier has not handed it in due to any circumstances.

2.2.4. Flower compositions that have been modified in accordance with clause 2.2.1 are deemed to be properly made and made according to the stated composition of the flower composition.

2.2.5. How to properly care for roses to extend their life in weight can be read in our article.

2.3. Failure to comply with service obligations:

The company does not give any guarantees regarding the delivery of SMS and e-mail notifications. The reasons for not delivering SMS messages may be as follows: the operator’s refusal to receive SMS, the Customer’s phone memory is full, the phone number on the order form is incorrect, etc. The reasons for not delivering an e-mail message may be as follows: the Customer’s mailbox is full, the e-mail address of the customer is incorrect, the presence of filters that do not pass the message, etc.

2.3.1. When placing an order marked “Pickup” and without 100% of its payment through the site, the Company reserves the right to remove the reserve of flowers 3 hours after the order.

2.3.2. According to the privacy policy, the Company does not disclose the contact details of the Customer. But it may indicate the name of the product that is being delivered, in order to prevent the Recipient from refusing an anonymous delivery.

2.3.3. When placing an order in the catalog of single-piece flowers, bouquets are formed from the number of flowers not lower than the minimum order for a position specified on the website.

3. The order of the refund:

3.1. Refunds are made on the next banking day from the date of the decision to return the funds.

3.2. The return of funds received by the Company through the site’s acquiring system takes place on the same Client card with which the order was paid, within 30 days from the time of return (clause 4.1.).

4. The parties are exempted from obligations under this Agreement due to the occurrence of force majeure circumstances that they cannot influence in any way, and these circumstances are confirmed by the relevant authorities. With a force majeure lasting more than a month, the parties have the right to refuse to perform this agreement without any compensation.

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