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Bouquet 19 roses

If you want to give flowers and get a girl's attention, then pay attention to roses. This is a win-win option that will definitely impress the fairer sex and leave a pleasant feeling from the gift. If you wish, you can choose 19 roses in beautiful wrapping paper as a gift.

The Camellia florist salon will help you prepare a beautiful and original bouquet of 19 roses. We are well versed in roses, as we have our own production facility for growing these flowers. There are about 30 different varieties of roses growing in our large greenhouses. Automation and the use of advanced equipment allows us to supply fresh roses to stores in large quantities to satisfy any customer demand.

Here you can choose a bouquet of 19 roses at an affordable price with roses that may differ:

We offer to buy 19 roses that were grown in our own greenhouses. For our part, we guarantee quality products and provide delivery throughout Kyiv and Ukraine.

Features of a flower arrangement of 19 roses

A bouquet of 19 roses will help you create a romantic atmosphere on your first date. Florists design such a flower arrangement with special elegance and chic. It will look great both in the hands of a woman and when decorating the interior.

Our roses attract buyers:

The florist creates a bouquet in a certain style and takes into account all the wishes of the customer. If desired, you can add greenery and sophisticated decor to the composition. You can order a bouquet of 19 roses in Kyiv for a girl or woman of any age. This composition has enough volume to make the bouquet chic and at the same time it will be held very easily in your hands.

In a well-decorated bouquet, 19 roses will look laconic and stylish. It is fashionable to choose flowers of various shades in the composition, and if desired, you can make a colorful and bright mix.

When and to whom can you give a bouquet of 29 roses?

A bouquet of 19 roses with pink or pastel shades of buds can be purchased for young girls. This is a good option for a bright and unobtrusive bouquet for a date or birthday. A classic bouquet of red roses can be presented to your beloved wife.

A bouquet of 19 roses can also be given as a gift:

If decorated correctly, a bouquet of 19 roses can be given as a gift to the stronger sex. When achieving success in sports or career, it is also customary for men to give flowers. If you don’t know which composition to choose, then ask the florist to prepare a laconic composition from 19 roses that does not contain anything superfluous and has strict forms. This way you can show your recognition and respect.

How to make a purchase for a bouquet of roses 19 pieces

Florist salon “Camellia” is your personal opportunity to purchase a bouquet of 19 roses for any occasion. We employ qualified and experienced florists with various techniques. They will create a bouquet for you that will have:

At an affordable price, we offer only freshly cut flowers, which come to our store directly from our own greenhouses. For our part, we guarantee a creative design of the flower arrangement taking into account your requests. If desired, we will complement the bouquet with a soft toy, chocolate or box of chocolates. You can also order a postcard with beautiful words for congratulations from us.

If you are a busy person and value your time, then you can buy a bouquet of 19 roses in Kyiv with targeted delivery. We promptly accept orders and try to satisfy any wishes of customers. If you need urgent delivery, our courier will deliver the bouquet to you within 1-2 hours. To order, call us by phone or fill out a request on the website and our manager will contact you as soon as possible.



1. Why should you buy from us?

As a manufacturer of flower products, we offer customers exclusively fresh-cut flowers and are ready to guarantee their high quality. We have an affordable price for roses and provide prompt delivery. We have experienced florists who create original bouquets.

2. How to store roses after purchase?

If you want your flowers to stay fresh for as long as possible, then you need to place them in a vase with water at room temperature. You must first trim the stems and lower leaves. For roses to feel better, they need to be fed.

3. What varieties of roses can you buy for a bouquet?

In our florist salon, the buyer can expect a large number of different varieties of roses. Among them you can choose such varieties as Grand Prix, Avalanche, Sophia Loren, Taleya, Grazia spray, El Toro and many others. They differ from each other in shades, stem size, bud shape and other features.

4. How to order a bouquet of roses with delivery?

We provide the most comfortable service for customers. Therefore, in order to make a purchase with delivery, you need to indicate this in the online application on the website or tell our manager about it by phone.

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