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Flowers for Mother's Day

A gift for Mother's Day in the form of an original bouquet

Of course, for every child the most precious person on earth is his mother. When children grow up and become adults, they should not forget that their mother loves them and is always waiting for a visit. Mothers are always pleased to receive flowers from their children. Therefore, when you go to visit, do not forget to go to the store and buy a bouquet for mother. Let it not be the most expensive and lush bouquet. Mom will always be pleased to receive flowers, even if it is the most modest arrangement.

However, a bouquet for mom on Mother's Day can be special. After all, this is a holiday that happens once a year. If you give a worthy bouquet to mother, she will definitely feel your care, warmth and affection, for which she will be grateful to you.

The Camellia florist salon will help you purchase a flower arrangement. Here you can choose flowers for mother that best suit her temperament. We have experienced florists who will create a bouquet for mother in accordance with her age and preferences. We suggest buying a flower arrangement through which you can tell your mother how much you love her and what tender feelings you feel for her when you are around.

Flowers for mom on Mother's Day

If you don’t know what flowers to give your mom for the upcoming holiday, then you can come to our store and our specialists will help you decide on your choice.

A bouquet for mom can be made from the following flowers:

  1. Roses. A classic and always a win-win option. For mom, it is not the number of flowers in the bouquet that is important, but your attention. Therefore, the composition itself may not be lush, but consist of only 5, 7 or 11 roses. You can make a bouquet for mother for Mother's Day using roses with white, peach, beige, cream or other pastel colors.

  2. Daisies. Ideal for a delicate, fragile and light bouquet. Such flowers are best suited to energetic, cheerful and joyful mothers.

  3. Peonies. Flower bouquets for mother made from peonies are always distinguished by their splendor and volume. The presence of large and bright buds in the house will decorate the interior and help your mother create family comfort. With the help of such a bouquet you can express your attention, admiration and support your mother.

  4. Irises. It is very symbolic to buy a bouquet of irises for this holiday. After all, these plants symbolize family happiness and love. With their help, you can express strong feelings for your mother, showing with such a gesture that you always remember her.

  5. Orchids. There are so many types of orchids on sale that the buyer can choose for his mother the option that she will definitely like. An exquisite and noble orchid will make an exclusive and insightful gift.

  6. Lilac. This plant symbolizes unconditional love. This is the kind of relationship that arises between a mother and her child. This is a good gift that mom won’t have to take much care of, but the lilac will last a long time and fill the room with a pleasant spring aroma.

If you decide to buy flowers for mother in our florist salon, then you will definitely find bouquets that are made up of the above flowers. There are also other flowers always available. So come to our store and make your own choice.

How florists make a bouquet for mom

For mom, they usually take compact, cozy flowers with discreet decor. To create a bouquet for Mother’s Day, our specialists use the following as wrapping material:

This packaging is pleasant to the touch and allows you to reliably hold the shape of the entire bouquet.

If you are looking for something unusual that immediately catches your eye, then you can purchase flowers from us at:

This unusual type of packaging makes the flower arrangement attractive and allows you to place it indoors in any convenient place.

For connoisseurs of beautiful compositions, we can also offer bouquets of flowers for Mother’s Day in a hat box. This is a round and elegant package, which is available in various sizes. Inside the box there is a special sponge that is moistened with water and nourishes the plant stems. Therefore, by giving such flowers to mother, she will not have to look for a vase.

When choosing a Mother's Day bouquet from our catalog, you can be sure that we will sell you a high-quality, original and fresh composition.

Bouquet for mom on Mother's Day from dear children

Moms are always pleased to receive a sign of attention from their children. You can express this with our bouquet of flowers. If you want to make a bouquet special by adding your own idea to it, then you can come to us, and our master will definitely make a beautiful bouquet for you based on all your wishes. The buyer can choose for the bouquet:

The Camellia florist salon employs sensitive and attentive florists. They will definitely listen to you, advise you on any questions and, if necessary, help you with your choice.

Why should you buy from us?

In our store, customers will find unusual and original bouquets. We provide delivery throughout Kyiv, which makes the purchase as comfortable as possible. If you want to purchase flowers with delivery and at a favorable price, just call us to order. Among our other advantages it is necessary to highlight:

We value each of our customers, we are ready to devote time to them and offer the optimal bouquet for any occasion.



What bouquets are very popular on Mother's Day?

For mothers, they mainly buy compact compositions that consist of 5-15 flowers. These can be compositions of daisies, tulips, roses, gerberas, orchids or irises. On Mother's Day you can also give a lush bouquet of peonies.

Do you provide flower delivery in Kyiv?

We are ready to deliver a bouquet ordered from us to any point in Kyiv at a time convenient for you. We also provide prompt delivery, which means that the bouquet will be with you within 1-2 hours after ordering.

What shades of flowers to choose for a bouquet for Mother's Day?

Preference should be given to light and pastel colors. Let it be a bright and cheerful bouquet that will cheer up mom.

How to place an order?

You can come to our store a little early and the florist will take the time to create an original composition taking into account your wishes. You can also call us and order a bouquet over the phone, and then come and pick it up from us or we will hand it over to the courier for delivery.

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