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Bouquet 27 roses

Every girl expects a sign of attention from the stronger sex. You can do this with a bouquet of flowers. Such a gift, with or without a reason, will lift your spirits and perhaps even express certain feelings.

If you want to give a solid bouquet, you can choose a composition of 27 roses. This is the golden mean between a small or very bulky composition. In a woman’s hands, a bouquet of 27 roses will look pretty and elegant. It will be very easy and pleasant for her to carry such a bouquet. A correctly arranged composition by an experienced florist will look original and colorful.

This is exactly the bouquet of 27 roses that the Camellia company will offer you. In our florist salon we have qualified florists who will create a bouquet based on freshly cut and well-groomed flowers. In our store you will find different varieties of roses that differ from each other:

Thanks to our own production, we offer to buy 27 roses at a competitive price. We sell in our stores only high-quality flower products that were grown in our own greenhouses.

Features of a flower arrangement of 27 roses

A bouquet of 27 roses looks dignified and attractive. You will pay a small price for it, but the effect of its delivery will be great. The peculiarity of this bouquet is that at a low cost it has a large enough volume to buy it for both a minor occasion and a big holiday.

You can always order a bouquet of 27 roses Kyiv in our florist salon. We sell original bouquets to choose from, and at your request we will create a composition exclusively tailored to your needs. We will include 27 roses which will be further decorated with greenery and wrapped in attractive paper. At your request, we will create a mono-bouquet of roses of the same shade or add plants of different colors to it, creating a colorful mix of them.

When can you give a bouquet of 27 roses?

A bouquet of 27 roses can be presented for any holiday or event. It is suitable as a flower arrangement for a birthday, or as a wonderful bouquet for a wedding or other significant event. The florists of our salon will help you create a bouquet of 27 roses for a gift:

A bouquet of 27 roses is best suited for a person celebrating his 27th birthday. It will be very symbolic if you give him a bouquet with so many flowers. The volume of such a bouquet is quite enough to impress a representative of the fairer sex.

You can contact us for help and select 27 roses of a variety suitable for you. We have our own production, where we grow up to several dozen different varieties of roses in greenhouses. We deliver all products in a wide range daily to our stores, and therefore when purchasing you will not be limited in your choice. If you take a close look at each variety of roses, you will notice that they have their own specific differences. You can also choose roses of a certain shade. It is important to look at the symbolism of each color. This is especially important when giving roses.

How to make a purchase for a bouquet of roses 27 pieces

If you need a bouquet of roses, you can easily order it in our florist salon. To do this, you need to call our manager and arrange the purchase of a bouquet of 27 roses with delivery in Kyiv. Having indicated your address and delivery time, our courier will arrive at your place at the designated time. He will deliver the ordered bouquet safe and sound.

If you want the bouquet to be prepared in a certain style for a wedding or other important event, then it is better to order in advance. This will allow the florist to be well prepared and arrange the perfect bouquet that will meet all your requirements.

You can also order a bouquet of 27 roses in Kyiv with delivery directly to the addressee. If you are in another city or just want to please someone, you can contact us to deliver a bouquet to the recipient. Our courier will arrive at the designated time and deliver the bouquet to the recipient on your behalf. If you wish, you can remain anonymous to the person for whom the bouquet will be intended. We also provide express flower delivery. We guarantee that the courier will arrive at the designated location within 1-2 hours after contacting us.

As a manufacturer of flower products, we guarantee that from us you can buy exclusively high-quality products in the form of freshly cut flowers that are free from defects.



1. How much does a bouquet of roses cost?

The cost of a bouquet of roses largely depends on the number of flowers in the bouquet. Also, the cost can be affected by the choice of a certain variety of roses and the customer’s specific wishes when making a bouquet.

2. How to store roses after purchase?

In order for roses to retain their freshness for as long as possible, they need to trim the stems with a sharp knife and place them in a vase with water at room temperature. The lower leaves must be removed from the stem. It is also necessary to regularly change the water in the vase and add fertilizer to it.

3. Why is it worth buying roses from us?

Our company is a rose manufacturer that grows plants in its own greenhouses, and therefore we guarantee high quality products and offer affordable prices. You can place a purchase with us to order with fast delivery.

4. How to order a bouquet of roses with delivery?

To arrange delivery, you need to call our manager and leave your address, as well as indicate the time at which it is convenient for you to receive flowers from the courier.

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