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Bouquet 25 roses

If you want to please a girl or woman, then you can give her 25 roses. This is a magnificent composition that looks beautiful and solid at the same time. You can order a bouquet of 25 roses in the original packaging and with additional decorative elements.

The «Camellia» company offers to choose a bouquet of 25 roses with delivery throughout Kyiv. We offer a wide range of rose varieties that differ from each other:

We offer to buy 25 roses at a competitive price. We sell only freshly cut flowers, which we grow in our own greenhouses.

Features of a flower arrangement of 25 roses

A bouquet of 25 roses at the same time looks voluminous and has an affordable price. If you want to impress a girl, but not spend a lot of money on an arrangement of 51 or 101 roses, then this option is just right.

You can order a bouquet of 25 roses in Kyiv in our florist salon. We employ qualified florists who will prepare an original composition, adding greenery and other decor to it. In the composition, 25 roses look original both with one shade of buds and in a combination of several tones at once. It can be a combination of white and red, or other shades.

When can you give a bouquet of 25 roses?

A bouquet of 25 roses can be given for any occasion. It will be appropriate for both a birthday and an anniversary. A bouquet of 25 roses can be folded for a gift:

If you think that a bouquet of 25 roses would be appropriate for a first date, then you can also order it for this occasion. It is believed that such a composition can be very luxurious for a first date. However, if you are confident in your feelings and want to leave a strong impression, then why not take this step. The most suitable occasion for presenting such a bouquet can be considered a 25th anniversary.

When making a composition of 25 roses, florists will definitely prepare it for a specific occasion. After all, for a wedding gift or for presenting flowers at a concert, completely different bouquets are needed. Our masters know well what techniques to use and what shades of roses to select in a bouquet so that it suits a specific occasion.

To make the bouquet look solid and elegant, you can choose certain varieties of roses. To create bouquets we use a large number of different varieties of roses. All flowers are grown in our own greenhouses. Large production allows us to satisfy any customer demand. Therefore, before purchasing, you need to decide not only the number of roses in the bouquet, but also the specific variety.

How to make a purchase for a bouquet of roses 25 pieces

Our florist salon always has flowers in the required quantity. At any time you can come to us and order a bouquet of 25 roses in the format you need. The florist will create a composition right in front of you, choosing freshly cut flowers for it.

If you want a special bouquet for a wedding or other significant event, then it is better to contact this in advance so that the florist has time to prepare everything in the best possible way.

You can also order a bouquet of 25 roses in Kyiv with targeted delivery. We offer courier services that make it possible to ensure the delivery of a bouquet at a time convenient for you. We also provide an express delivery service. If you need a bouquet as early as possible, then you can contact us by phone. We will do our best to have the composition with you within 1-2 hours.

As a manufacturer, we offer affordable prices for flowers, and therefore you have the opportunity to profitably purchase a bouquet with a large number of roses at the right time for you. By placing an order with us for delivery, you are guaranteed to receive a lush and luxurious bouquet of flowers in the near future, which will delight you with its attractive appearance for a long time.



1. How much does a bouquet of roses cost?

The price of a bouquet of roses depends on the chosen variety. The final composition also depends on the number of decorative elements used. You can find out the cost of bouquets from the catalog on our website or by calling the manager.

2. How to store roses after purchase?

To keep roses in water as long as possible, you need to trim the stems with a sharp knife before putting them in water. You need to pour water at room temperature into the vase. Flowers must be kept away from drafts, direct sunlight and heat sources.

3. What varieties of roses can you buy for a bouquet?

Thanks to our own production, we grow up to 30 varieties of different roses in our greenhouses. They are presented in our store, and therefore the buyer can choose roses for a bouquet at his own discretion.

4. How to order a bouquet of roses with delivery?

We provide flower delivery throughout Kyiv. To arrange delivery, you need to call us and leave your address, as well as the time for which you would like to receive your order. From us you can order a bouquet for delivery to you or directly to the recipient.

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