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Indoor plants

Ornamental home plants in pots are a highlight that makes the interior of the house complete, the touch that allows you to give comfort and well-groomed space.

Decorative indoor flowers, placed in large pots or beautiful small pots, will emphasize the design and help to correct its shortcomings - to revive a boring corner, bring freshness to the kitchen area, decorate the window sill, shelf. Look through the catalog of potted flowers on the pages of our site - you will definitely want to buy something for your home.

Living plants in rooms create not only comfort, they organize the right microclimate, especially if you have plastic windows that do not allow the house to breathe. In the closed space begin to accumulate toxic substances secreted by furniture, finishing materials, detergents. Here we add air dried by heating. Properly selected home greens can easily cope with the imbalance, absorbing toxins, moistening the air and releasing oxygen. For example, several chlorophytums in a room are able to absorb and recycle almost all harmful bacteria in a day.

You will rarely see a residential house without indoor plants, especially if it is a multi-storey panel complex. Flowers give harmony to the space of glass and concrete. But before buying home plants, check out a few points below.

Buying and caring for plants

Before you buy home flowers, you need to determine for yourself a few positions. Greens are simple, do not require special conditions, and sometimes difficult to maintain, which needs careful care. Do you know how to care for home potted flowers, do you have time for this, or do you want to learn? If not, it is better to start your acquaintance with the home flora with unpretentious specimens that grow without requiring much attention.

You should also think a few points.

In order for the purchased plants to feel good and to delight you for a long time with their healthy and flowering appearance, please contact our consultants for help in choosing. Look through the catalog of potted plants and flowers, select which ones you would like to see in your room, and then, with the help of our specialist, select the ones that suit your conditions.

Please note that the acquired potted flowers after purchase will need to be transplanted to another soil. If you ask, the store specialist will tell you more about it.

Internet-shop "Camellia" flowers (Kiev): buy indoor plants with delivery

Beautiful indoor potted flowers can be selected in the home plant catalog on the Camellia store website. We specialize in the cultivation, decoration and sale of indoor plants and decorative flowers.

A decorative potted plant can be bought online right now. Why postpone tomorrow what I want to do today? Choose, call, ask and arrange delivery.

You can order indoor flowers with address delivery in Kiev and the region. They will be brought to the specified address at the agreed time. You can also order delivery as a gift to friends, to please your beloved girlfriend or as a gift to relatives, acquaintances.

You can buy potted potted flowers in our florist shops at the addresses indicated on the website. You need to call the manager in advance to clarify the availability.

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