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Why do we need decorative candles

Once they were a beacon in darkness, and not everyone could afford to light up the house completely. Now they are rarely used as a source of light & ndash; except that, in the event of an emergency power outage, a simple paraffin candle will be useful. As for the rest, their use has become exclusively aesthetic, decorative. They help to create a romantic, intimate atmosphere, to be inspired or relaxed, to decorate a home or place of work. A variety of shapes, colors, manufacturing techniques allow you to choose candles for decorating any interior, as well as for a particular event or mood.

Decorative candle for a gift: how to choose?

Depending on the event, it can be both an independent gift, and a nice, exquisite addition to the main gift. The complexity of the choice lies in a very large assortment, consisting of tens and hundreds of varieties. It is good if there is a clear idea of ​​the taste and wishes of the person you are planning to congratulate. If not, – these tips will help:

  • the bouquet ordered at is better to complement with a candle in the same style and color scheme;
  • a neutral good choice will be a set of – several products of different colors from the same series or goods of the same color differing in shape and size;
  • red candle, like red roses – a significant gift that emphasizes the power and significance of the senses;
  • Dark, strict forms of the product are distinguished by formality and restraint, therefore, they are more appropriate for a business presentation. Exception – a girl who prefers a similar color range and style;
  • white candle – an element that will help create a solemn decor, for example, wedding.

Decorative Candle – why it is better to buy on the website

Refined and sophisticated accessories from the "Camellia" assortment - a gift that will help express feelings and make a pleasant loved one. In the online store you can buy a candle to decorate the desired color, size and shape, with or without the scent.

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