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Wedding Anniversary Flower Bouquets

Anniversary bouquet as a symbolic gift

One of the main family holidays for both spouses is their wedding anniversary. On this day, you can immerse yourself in pleasant memories and share the joy of family life in a close circle or additionally invite friends. It is customary to give a bouquet for the wedding anniversary both from the guests' side and from the husband's side. Flowers will create a romantic atmosphere on this day and fill the space with a wonderful and delicate aroma.

Floristic salon "Camellia" offers to pick up flowers for the anniversary on favorable conditions. We have a wide range of different flower compositions, among which you can choose a suitable bouquet for the anniversary, taking into account your personal preferences. The specialist will take into account all your wishes and arrange flowers among themselves in such a way that they succinctly complement each other.

You can also choose a wedding anniversary bouquet from us. In this case, it is better for you to contact us in advance so that the florist can prepare a composition with the appropriate number of plants.

A wedding anniversary bouquet is a symbolic gift as a sign of strong love

There is a good tradition in society of giving a bouquet on a wedding anniversary. If you want to support this tradition and choose a symbolic gift in the form of a flower arrangement for your spouse or your wife, then the professional florists of our flower shop are at your service. They know very well what are the best flowers to choose for the anniversary so that they correspond to the atmosphere of the holiday.

Every year, the spouses celebrate an anniversary with a different name. It can be:

In accordance with the name of the wedding, our specialists will prepare a bouquet for the anniversary, choosing the right ones for it:

You can fully rely on us and be sure that by congratulating the wedding anniversary with a bouquet, you will bring true joy to the addressee and at the same time you will not miss the symbolism.

Flowers for the anniversary - how to choose the right bouquet

The holiday is common for both spouses. Therefore, a bouquet of flowers for the wedding anniversary can be presented to both the wife and the husband. When choosing a flower composition, you should pay attention to the preferences of the spouses and the symbolism of this celebration.

A wooden wedding is celebrated for 5 years of marriage. For this occasion, congratulating on the wedding anniversary, you can choose the following types of flowers:

If you are visiting the spouses, you can pick up a five-plant bouquet for them, which will simultaneously carry a meaningful meaning and, on the other hand, be affordable.

If a pewter wedding is celebrated, you can give peonies in a basket of pink and red tones. Also on this day you can pick up flowers for the wedding anniversary in the form of roses. A magnificent bouquet of 11 roses will be a bright and colorful gift.

When making a wedding anniversary bouquet, our florists can include:

The flowers will be wrapped with ribbon or packed in kraft paper. In addition, there will be a selected decor that will match the style of the bouquet.

If you don't know how to choose the right bouquet of flowers for wedding anniversary, then our florists will help you decide. They will definitely take into account the name of the wedding anniversary and choose a flower arrangement within your budget.

If your anniversary falls in autumn, then you can choose the song "Autumn Sunset" from us. It includes:

The "Silk Veil" bouquet is exquisite. It includes many different plants:

As you can see from the examples, our florists know how to create bouquets by succinctly combining many different plants that look good next to each other in one bouquet.

Wedding anniversary bouquet - we choose a suitable composition for a round date

Round dates are considered special anniversaries. This is an anniversary for 25, 50 and 75 years. When choosing a bouquet for a 25th wedding anniversary, you can choose:

For a silver wedding, you can choose white flowers. As tape and paper, you can choose silver-colored materials. A 50-year anniversary is considered important and long-awaited. By itself, it symbolizes the strength of the relationship. Therefore, you can congratulate on the wedding anniversary by choosing flowers with long and strong stems.

When choosing flowers for a wedding anniversary with a round date, it is advisable to pay attention to voluminous and beautiful bouquets. The number of flowers in them may correspond to the number of years lived together.

Our advantages

We will offer a wedding anniversary bouquet on favorable terms. Despite the originality and attractiveness of the compositions, you have the opportunity to purchase them at an affordable price.

Among our other advantages should be noted:

Floral salon "Camellia" will help you purchase a bright and colorful bouquet with delivery at a time convenient for you. Call or come to our store.



How many flowers are given in a bouquet for a wedding anniversary?

There must be an odd number of flowers in the bouquet. Therefore, for the anniversary of 5 years of marriage, you can give a bouquet of flowers with 5 plants, and for 6 years, you should already choose a bouquet of 5 or 7 flowers. However, don't always get attached to the date. If you want to give a voluminous bouquet with a large number of flowers, you can do it on any anniversary.

What flowers are given for the wedding anniversary?

As a rule, classic flowers are chosen for a wedding anniversary bouquet: roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, peonies, and lilies. However, do not forget that the people responsible for the celebration have their own preferences. If you know about them, then give them exactly the flowers they like.

Is it possible to give a bouquet of flowers to the spouse on the wedding anniversary?

On the anniversary of the wedding, the husband also has the right to receive a gift in the form of flowers. It will be very touching for the wife to make such a present. The main thing is that the bouquet was made according to floristic etiquette and emphasized the courage and steadfastness of the spouse, not his weakness.

What bouquet will be given for a golden wedding?

If you were invited to celebrate the golden wedding anniversary, then you should choose a good bouquet. Just friends can choose a presentable composition, and close relatives should think about giving a bouquet containing 51 plants. The husband can also make a gift for his wife in the form of a bouquet of 51 red roses.

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