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Soft toys

The surest path to the heart of impregnable beauty

What can melt a girl's heart? Of course, flowers, chocolates, and more - soft toys. Therefore, today many gentlemen prefer to present a bouquet of flowers with a cute soft little animal, which will remind about the donor for a long time.

At first glance it seems that it is simple - I bought a soft toy in one store, in the other - flowers, and an unforgettable gift is ready. But everything is not so simple, it should be a composition that creates a single ensemble.

Sale of fresh flowers and soft toys in the network of shops "Camelia"

Usually, roses are used to make a bouquet with a soft toy, they have a more festive and representative appearance. To achieve originality, take flowers of various shades.

The toy is chosen according to the preferences of the girl. Store Catalog "Camelia" The site shop.camellia.ua presents a wide range of products - all kinds of bear cubs, hares, elephants, dolls, bats, kittens and other cute animals. Here you can find out how much a soft toy costs, its cost depends on the product chosen, the material of manufacture and the manufacturer's brand.

Contrary to popular belief that bouquets with soft toys are given only to young girls, we can say with confidence that adult ladies will not refuse such a gift. In this case, it is important to choose the right color shades and the toy itself. Trust our florists, and your beautiful lady will remember this gift for a long time.

Unforgettable original gift with home delivery in Kiev

It is convenient to buy soft toys for an original flower arrangement from the catalog via the online store "Camelia" (Ukraine, Kiev), the price is affordable, the range is able to satisfy any requests. Orders are taken daily, courier delivery is possible at any place you specify - home, office, restaurant and other establishments.

The company "Camellia" engaged in the cultivation and sale of fresh cut flowers for over 24 years. Our greenhouses occupy 11 hectares of land, the cultivation of plants is carried out in compliance with international standards. We grow more than three thousand names of flowers and plants that will decorate your home and garden. Camellia is ready at any time of the year to offer you fresh flowers that will delight you with their beauty and remind you of the donor.

Detailed information on payment and delivery terms is available on shop.camellia.ua.

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