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Bouquets of tulips

Spring Mood

Tulips & ndash; spring flowers, symbolizing the renewal of nature, the arrival of spring and heat. These are perhaps the most popular flowers that are given to girls and women on the day of the eighth of March, as well as on other spring days. Even on Valentine's Day, many give tulips to please their loved ones with the near approach of spring. These touching, beautiful and delicate plants can have a wide variety of colors and shades. Using the services of florists, you can arrange a unique bouquet for your beloved. This gift will be welcomed not only by young girls, these charming flowers are also suitable for a gift to a mother, grandmother or beloved mother-in-law.

The relevance of a bouquet with tulips for any holiday is beyond doubt, you can give them on the first date, with the engagement, at a wedding or anniversary, as well as on the day of birth. A beautiful bouquet consisting of many tulips will help to express love and appreciation, emphasize admiration and respectful attitude.

How to keep the tulips fresh

The Camellia company has been growing and selling flowers since 1994. Flowers fall into the distribution network of greenhouses within a few hours. That is why our products for a long time retains an excellent appearance and freshness, can please a long time eye. Cut tulips usually stand in the water for a short time, but in order to prolong the life of flowers, you should remember a few simple rules. You should not put a vase near a radiator or a draft, you need to change the water every day and cut the stems of plants.

How much is a bouquet of tulips in the Camellia shop (Kyiv)?

This can be found in the Camellia store catalog, which presents bouquets of tulips of various varieties. The color of tulips in a bouquet can be the same, and a combination of colors and the creation of a bright floral mix are possible. The price of a bouquet of tulips in the Camellia store in Kyiv depends on the number of flowers in the bouquet, their shape and size. At your discretion, you can order and buy a bouquet of white or pale pink tulips, you can stay on brighter colors - red, yellow, purple hues look amazing. The choice depends on your tastes and preferences of the person to whom the bouquet is intended.

When ordering the delivery of a gift through our online store, you can be sure that the recipient will be able to evaluate the bouquet of your choice within three hours. Flowers, you can order and delivery of gifts, sweets, greeting cards, balloons and much more.

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