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Helium baloons

Bright, fun gift - balloons

Do you think only a child can be the happy owner of a balloon? In fact, it is not. It is difficult to list all the celebrations, where they would not use a colorful helium balloon as a gift or decor. Compositions of them are appropriate at the wedding, as a photo zone at a birthday party, when discharged from the maternity hospital, during the celebration of any happy event. Such a gift will be appreciated by both girls and boys, and even the heroes of such a celebration as a solid anniversary. And there’s nothing to say about the reaction of children - give your child an inflatable balloon, even just walking in the park or in the yard, and he will remember this walk for a long time.

Inflatable balloon and helium - a good tandem

In order for the balloon to take off and stay in the air for a long time, it is filled with helium & ndash; gas without color and smell, which is non-flammable and completely harmless. The balls themselves are no longer limited to the spherical shape & ndash; so called air decoration of any configuration. There is plenty to choose from! These are long products for forming various figures of plants and animals, stars, hearts, popular on-screen characters, any objects: airplanes, rockets, cars - whatever you want to make a smile on the face of someone who gets such a wonderful gift.

The material used for modern balls - this is mainly latex. Also produce nylon (milar) foil products, there are balls of vinyl film - to create large compositions.

As for the "flight capabilities", inflatable balloons filled with helium can stay in the air for up to several weeks or even months. There is a technology for coating balloons from the inside with a thin layer of polymer glue (hi float), which prolongs the possibility of finding products in flight. In Kiev, for example, they are often ordered as a universal gift, suitable for any celebration.

The Camelia Flower Shop will help create a positive mood and a festive atmosphere

If you have a significant fun event, order balloons inflated with helium, and give your loved ones a sunny mood. You can also purchase products that are not filled with gas and inflate them yourself, but this idea can hardly be called successful. You will need to buy a special balloon with helium, the cost of which is quite large and it is unprofitable to take it to inflate a small amount of helium balloons, and the process itself is not easy. Moreover, the Camelia flower shop, exclusive gifts and souvenirs offers to order and buy helium balloons at a very nice price - the cost of such products will depend on their size and material. An excellent addition to a helium balloon will be flowers or a floral arrangement, each flower you can pick up personally, you can also buy an original houseplant from us.

Why you should contact the flower shop "Camellia"

We are those whose field of activity is growing ornamental plants in our own plots, and selling imported flowers in our commercial network. In addition, our professional florists create incredibly beautiful compositions, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you, you can buy them and also receive them with the help of our couriers at the address in the city of Kiev or Kiev region at any specified time.

In addition to selling flower arrangements, in our stores in Kiev or on the website of the online store we offer to buy gifts accompanying flowers - candy sets, original toys and souvenirs, helium inflatable balloons, which may already be inflated with helium, can also be ordered balloons that you fill with air or gas yourself - the range and price of these goods can be obtained from the consultants on our website shop.camellia.ua.

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