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Bouquet 29 roses

Roses are universal flowers that can be given to both men and women. If you want to choose a composition of 29 roses as a gift, then you can safely order and give it for any occasion.

A bouquet of 29 roses is not just an attractive arrangement. Florists create a stylish gift from a given number of plants. The number of roses in this case will symbolize trust and faith in success. Therefore, by giving such a bouquet, for someone it can become a talisman and an incentive to strive for the best.

The «Camellia» company offers to choose a bouquet of 29 roses on favorable terms. We provide delivery throughout Kyiv, as well as sending bouquets throughout Ukraine. We offer a wide range of rose varieties. They differ from each other:

We offer to buy 29 roses that were grown in our own greenhouses. We own our own production, and therefore are ready to offer customers high-quality flower products, which are sold only in freshly cut form.

Features of a flower arrangement of 29 roses

A bouquet of 29 roses is a universal gift. Florists create such a bouquet for every taste. They can:

The buyer can order a bouquet of 29 roses in Kyiv with suitable shades and varieties of roses. Our florists always meet customers halfway and make any of their requests come true. If you want to see something special in the bouquet, then the florist will definitely add a certain zest, greenery or unusual decor to it.

A bouquet of 29 roses will look very stylish and attractive. The composition itself will be lush and voluminous, and therefore it will definitely be suitable as a presentable gift.

When and to whom can you give a bouquet of 29 roses?

A bouquet of 29 roses is suitable as a gift for any occasion. Our florists will prepare a small masterpiece for you, which you can purchase as a gift for such holidays as:

A bouquet of 29 roses can be bought and given as a gift:

If you arrange a bouquet of 29 roses correctly, without adding unnecessary decor, you can order such a composition for a man. If your husband or friend has achieved certain achievements in life and you want to highlight his success, then why not order a flower arrangement for him from beautiful and elegant roses, as a sign of your recognition and respect.

A flower arrangement of 29 roses will look best on the birthday of a person who has turned 29 years old. This bouquet can be presented to your beloved woman or spouse. Your creative approach to choosing such a gift will certainly make the recipient very happy.

How to make a purchase for a bouquet of roses 29 pieces

Florist salon “Camellia” is your personal opportunity to order a bouquet of 29 roses in the best possible design. We will prepare for you a bouquet that you have never given before. We offer:

In addition to the bouquet, you can order an original gift from us or add a note of congratulations to the arrangement.

If you don’t have time to come to our salon, then you can order a bouquet of 29 roses in Kyiv with targeted delivery. We have a courier who will carefully deliver the prepared composition at a time convenient for you.

Over the many years of operation of our florist salon, we have managed to satisfy a large number of customers. Therefore, we are constantly approached by clients who have bought flowers from us more than once and were satisfied with their purchase. As a manufacturer, we always offer affordable prices for all our services and guarantee that you will purchase a bouquet from us that will delight you with its fresh appearance for a long time.



1. How much does a bouquet of roses cost?

The cost of the bouquet depends on the number and type of roses included in the bouquet. At your discretion, you can contact our florist to create a bouquet for you based on the desired number of roses.

2. How to store roses after purchase?

You can prolong the freshness of roses with proper care. Once you have purchased your flowers, you need to let them acclimate. Before placing them in water at room temperature, you need to cut the stems at an angle. The water in the vase should be changed every day and, if possible, fertilizing should be added to it.

3. What varieties of roses can you buy for a bouquet?

Thanks to our own production, we grow up to 30 varieties of different roses in our greenhouses. The buyer can choose from flowers of various shades and with different stem heights.

4. How to order a bouquet of roses with delivery?

We have a personal courier who will quickly deliver flowers in Kyiv at the designated time. To do this, you need to call our manager, pick up a bouquet and indicate the address, as well as the delivery time.

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