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From the greenhouse to the store - 3 hours

Minimum amount of time is needed for flowers to travel from greenhouse to the store.
That’s why our flowers is always fresh

Buying from a manufacturer - is a good bargain

  • 11 hectares of own production
  • You buy flowers without intermediaries

Flowers delivery in Kiev

when ordering from 2000 UAH free

Why do
people choose
our bouquets?

Storage temperature is just right

We keep flowers in ideal temperature conditions +2 +4°

No chemicals in production

We do not use chemicals to grow flowers

Each boquet assembled by flourist

Assembled bouquets in real life will look just like the pictures

Storage temperature is just right

Keep flowers in ideal temperature conditions +2 +4°

No chemicals in production

We do not use chemicals to grow flowers

Each boquet assembled by flourist

Assembled bouquets in real life will look just like the pictures

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Kyiv, Levka Lukyanenka str, 18

Kyiv, Levka Lukyanenka str, 18

(Central Bus Station Area)

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Buy flowers with online store delivery - quickly and conveniently

The original fresh bouquet - a great gift for a girl, a woman, a girl and even a man, is an expression of your respect, love and attention. Flowers are not just uplifting, they emphasize the solemnity of the moment. Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other festivals do not take place without bouquets and flower arrangements, they are never enough.

There is a whole art - how to give bouquets, what and to whom. For example, white roses speak of purity and innocence, and red roses - of passion and love. Bouquets of chrysanthemums presented to people at the age or as a sign of friendship. They symbolize wisdom and longevity. Gladioli can be presented to the winner, the winner, as they embody courage, bravery, victory.

Buy flowers online at an online store at an affordable price is a great opportunity to get a fresh bouquet that will please the eye for a long time and will not spoil the mood with faded buds the very next day. Our bouquets are always on top, because the flowers that we offer get from the greenhouses to the distribution network within a few hours after cutting.

Fast delivery, variety of colors and affordable prices have recommended the Camelia store among regular customers as a reliable service that you can trust.

Flower online store: buy flowers for delivery in Kyiv

If you have a tight schedule and do not have time to go around flower shops in search of a suitable bouquet, you can buy flowers with delivery by placing an order via the Internet on the website of the Camelia store. Camellia leads among Ukrainian services offering bouquets with decoration and delivery. We have presented a variety of species and varieties of flowers grown near Kiev. We grow roses, tulips, pelargoniums, azaleas, begonias and much more in our own greenhouses.

Ordering flowers online with online delivery, you get many advantages:

  • Your order will be placed online within just a few minutes;
  • You will get fresh cut flowers grown in our own greenhouses;
  • Our florists will help you choose a bouquet that matches the event;
  • Flowers will be delivered at the appointed time to the specified address;
  • You no longer need to overpay resellers;
  • if necessary, we can arrange an urgent delivery of flowers - day to day.

Delivery of flowers by courier from hand to hand - it is always impressive and makes an impression. No woman will remain indifferent to such an elegant sign of attention. Bouquets of flowers and compositions with targeted delivery is a service for people not only with wealth, but also with taste, for people who value comfort, their time and quality service.

We have the best specialists who know how to provide high service and excellent mood. We will accept the order at any time and without holidays, and our courier service will promptly deliver them to the destination exactly on time.

Shop "Camellia" - the freshest bouquets with delivery in Kyiv and the region

Ordering flowers online in Kiev is easy. Choose a ready-made composition in the site directory or dial the specified phone numbers to contact store consultants. A team of professionals will help you with the choice, an experienced manager will select the desired bouquet and a card for it, sweets or soft toys and specify the terms of delivery. You can also arrange the desired themed decor: New Year, Valentine's Day (St. Valentine), March 8, Birthday or other event.

Order flowers in Kiev and the best prices for bouquets are waiting for you at our shops.

Payment can be made in the store or by payment card via the internet service portmone.com directly on our website.

We have an excellent ratio: low price of services - high quality goods. Apply for bouquets, gifts, balloons, indoor flowers and other related products in our store a good mood. We know how to make your day beautiful!

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