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Flower bouquets for September 1

Bouquets for September 1st at the best price

The good school tradition of arriving on September 1st with bouquets in hand has been preserved to this day. If you want your child to start the school year with a pleasant activity, then pick up a bouquet for him on September 1, before sending him to school.

You can choose flowers for September 1 at the Camellia florist salon. We offer a wide range of summer and autumn plants that will become the basis for an original bouquet for September 1st. We will offer you quality products and reasonable prices. Our specialists will take into account the wishes of each buyer, leaving him absolutely satisfied with the purchase.

What flowers do you choose for September 1st?

If you want to order a bouquet for a teacher on September 1, then first of all you need to decide on the flowers that will be included in it. Since autumn begins with the beginning of the school year, in the store you can see a wide assortment of flowers such as:

When choosing a bouquet for September 1, you can give preference to a mono-bouquet or a composition that will include several flowers at once.

If you want to choose different types of flowers for September 1, arranging them in one bouquet, then contact our florists for professional services. They know well how to combine certain flowers with each other. As a result, you will have a bouquet on September 1st, which will be distinguished by a riot of colors and a pleasant aroma.

When buying flowers on September 1, you can pay attention to the composition of roses and peonies. Their buds are similar in shape, and at the same time, peonies have a more affordable price compared to roses, which will make the bouquet quite affordable for everyone. Therefore, by September 1, such bouquets will look lush and luxurious at the same time and at the same time have an affordable price.

What shape and size to choose a bouquet for September 1

Despite the fact that the bouquet for the teacher on September 1 is intended for an adult, it will first be carried in the hands of a small child. It is not too easy for children to bring a bouquet to school and hold the entire ceremonial line in their hands. Therefore, choose flowers on September 1 with low stems. Let it be a compact and beautiful bouquet. In this case, it will be easy for the child to carry it, and for the teacher it will also be a great gift. If the child is in high school, then he can bring any bouquet. However, in this case, you should not choose a large bouquet of flowers for September 1, as this may seem too provocative. It is best if the student selects a small bouquet of 3-11 plants.

If you decide to order a bouquet for September 1st at the Camellia florist salon, you will have the opportunity to purchase a composition with different designs. These can be bouquets from:

Our florists will select flowers that match each other for a bouquet. Craftsmen will give the bouquet an attractive shape and structure. As a result, you will be able to buy a bouquet for September 1 that will be light, voluminous and presentable at the same time.

Which bouquet should a teacher choose for September 1, if you decide to choose a composition from the whole class? In this case, you should choose a large bouquet for the teacher for September 1st. Often parents decide to buy one nice flower arrangement instead of having students carry individual flowers. In this case, you should not choose a cheap option. It is better to buy flowers for September 1 in a large bouquet so that the teacher will be pleased to hold it in his hands. A large, beautiful bouquet will be one of the decorations for a shared photo of the teacher and students.

When parents spend everything together on one flower arrangement, the price of a bouquet on September 1 is not high for them, even for the largest bouquet.

If the teacher is a man, then you need to choose a bouquet with a slightly different design for him. A men's bouquet is characterized by:

You can give almost any bouquet to a female teacher. If this is a young teacher, then you can choose flowers of delicate and pastel colors for her. This could be a bouquet of amaryllis and peonies. For an older teacher, you can give a classic bouquet of roses. Also in this case, you can choose a composition from dahlias, nails, chrysanthemums or peony.

Regardless of the gender of the teacher and how old he is, in our store you can choose the best option for your case. If you find it difficult to make a choice, then our qualified specialists will advise you on any questions and help you buy the right composition.

It is advisable to contact the flower shop in advance. If you wish, you can use the delivery service in Kyiv. By contacting us for the service of purchase with delivery, you can count on the fact that on the day before September 1 we will deliver you a bouquet, and the very next day you will be able to take it to school. At the same time, it will look fresh and lush.

Our advantages

Our store is open to customers every day, seven days a week. Among our main advantages it is necessary to note:

Contact us for your purchase and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service and product quality.



When should I buy a bouquet for September 1st?

During the holidays we always have an increased demand for bouquets of flowers. Therefore, if you want to have time to buy an original bouquet to order, then you better contact us 2-3 days in advance. The florist will prepare a bouquet taking into account your wishes.

What flowers are usually given to teachers on September 1st?

Based on the seasonal year, on the first of September, students and parents bring bouquets of roses, chrysanthemums, peonies, daisies, anthuriums, gypsophila, lotuses, dahlias, and chrysanthemums for teachers. However, you should not adhere to any rules. In our store you can choose other flowers that would be appropriate to give to your teacher.

How much does a bouquet of flowers cost?

The cost of the composition depends on its content and the time spent on production by the florist. Our store offers a wide range of bouquets in different price ranges. Therefore, regardless of your budget, you will find a decent option for a bouquet of flowers that will suit your budget.

How are your bouquets different?

All our bouquets are created by qualified florists based on the author's idea. Therefore, each bouquet is different from each other and is strikingly different from market and mass products.

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