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Bride's bouquet

The bride's bouquet is not just a decoration

If you are planning a wedding, the process of creating the perfect day can seem overwhelming. As for the decor and accessories, the bouquet is one of the most important components of the bride's image.

How to choose and buy a wedding bouquet?

Although white flowers are commonly used in traditional weddings, there is no rule that prohibits being creative when choosing colors. Whether it's soft pastel shades of pink and blue or fall shades like red and gold, have fun choosing different shades for your bouquet.

When choosing flowers, consider the time of year when you are going to get married. Some types of flowers may be out of season when you plan to get married. In the online store Camellia there is a huge selection of fresh flowers and it is from us that you can purchase a wedding bouquet at a bargain price.

Secrets that will definitely come in handy

The choice of a wedding bouquet is a crucial moment in the process of preparing for the ceremony, therefore, in this matter it is better to trust the professionals, so that later you do not have to worry about a withered flower or flying jewelry. The online store "Camellia" offers you elegant and stylish bouquets from professional florists, with which your chosen one will look even more beautiful and feminine. Our professional florists will be happy to help you choose a bouquet according to your wishes and wedding style.

Bridal bouquet choice by design

After you have decided on the color palette and types of colors, it's time to decide on the design. Wedding bouquets can be a simple bouquet of flowers tied with a ribbon, or they can be intricate and complex.

Find inspiration on several wedding blogs and photography, or consult our experienced florists. If you have a theme and idea, choose a bouquet design that works around it to create a holistic look. Remember that the flower stems must be long enough for you to hold the bouquet.

Decide what to add to the bouquet

A juicy arrangement of fresh flowers is always beautiful, but there are a few more features you can include in your wedding bouquet:

  1. Ask a florist or opt for a wide ribbon wrapped option to add femininity.

  2. Other plants, such as hanging ferns, fresh eucalyptus or gypsophila, can be added if desired to add some depth and variety to your bouquet.

  3. A bouquet decorated with long ribbons or feathers can give your bouquet a romantic vintage vibe.

  4. Make sure the bouquet is securely attached and there is enough space at the end for you to hold it. The comfortable material on the underside will make it much more pleasant to hold onto it throughout the entire ceremony.

  5. Don't forget to order a smaller version of your bouquet if you plan to throw the bouquet.

Order a wedding bouquet matching the dress

Choosing from a variety of wedding bouquet options is much more than just choosing your favorite flowers. From complementing your wedding theme to matching your dress style, there are many details to consider when creating your own dress. Here are some of our top tips for choosing the perfect bridal bouquet to match your dress.

Compliment your dress shape: wedding bouquets are round and colorful

To best match a wedding dress with a bouquet, pay attention to its shape. Will you be wearing a large ball gown, a simple straight skirt, or a long train? You want a bouquet that emphasizes your shape, rather than distracting attention from it. A round bouquet looks best with a straight skirt, and an elongated one with a ballroom.

Buy a bouquet for a wedding in a wedding theme

By choosing a wedding dress, you will also come up with a theme for your special day. Whether it's a color palette or even your wedding venue, this is all you can include in your wedding bouquet too. If your primary colors are purple and gold, you can add multiple colors of those flowers to your bouquet to tie the whole theme together.

You can even add tropical flowers to your beach wedding. You can also combine your own composition with the bridesmaids' wedding bouquets for a more harmonious look.

Style of wedding bouquets is an important aspect

Just as wedding dresses come in many different styles, bridal bouquets also come in several styles. Whether your dress is more traditional, modern, or vintage, you will need a bouquet to go with it. For example, if your wedding dress has a more traditional hemline, you might choose a classic one or two flower bouquet rather than a colorful, showy bouquet.

Don't be afraid to add your own personal style to your wedding bouquet! If you love jewelry, consider adding some pearls, rhinestones, or pins to the bouquet to add a little flair. Not sure where to start looking for wedding bouquets? Contact the experts of the online store Camellia and they will help you choose the perfect accessory for your most important day!

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