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Privacy Policy


Each user must carefully read and FOLLOW THIS PRIVACY POLICY

This Privacy Policy is an independent document. Your rights and obligations when using the website maintained at shop.camellia.ua (hereinafter - the website or website) are also defined (may be determined) by the following documents (agreements):
- Consent to the processing and use of personal data - Public offer,
- other documents.

Use and processing of personal data by the Website Owner is carried out in accordance with the Consent to the use and processing of personal data.

The privacy policy governs the conditions of use of the Website and the general rules for the collection, processing, distribution, use and storage of user data by the Website Owner.
During the processing and use of confidential information and personal data, the Website Owner adheres to legal requirements to protect information received from Users. The privacy policy is a document that explains what information about the Users the Site Owner will collect when users use the site, and how this information will be used, transmitted and protected.

User - any individual who uses the site and makes purchases of products that are posted on the site directly at the points of sale of products or using this site.
Personal data - personal data - information or a collection of information about an individual who is identified or can be specifically identified.
Confidential information is information about an individual, as well as information, access to which is limited by an individual or legal entity, except for subjects of authority.
“Website” or “website” means an Internet site maintained at https://shop.camellia.ua/
“Site Owner” or “Society” means Kamelia-K Limited Liability Company, EDRPOU code 24932820, registration address 02002, Kyiv, st. Nikolsko-Slobodskaya, house 2-B, which provides administration and technical support for the site.
Other terms and concepts used in this Policy should be understood in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.1. The Owner collects, uses, processes and transmits information from and about the Users in order to provide users with services, sell goods or other actions arising from the economic activities of the Owner.
1.2. Technical (software) tools of the Site may collect such Personal Data:
- first and last name,
- phone number
- email address
- other information necessary for the provision of services or the sale of goods to Users.
1.3. The owner also has the right to receive the necessary information from and about the user through the call center if it is necessary to confirm the order or receive additional information. In this case, the User must provide his voluntary and unconditional consent to the collection and processing of these personal data and their transfer to third parties to ensure the functioning of the Site and / or the provision of services or sale of goods.
1.4.Koristuvach also gives his voluntary consent to record a conversation with the call center staff to improve the quality of user service.
1.5. The owner considers all the information provided by the user to be reliable and such that is true. The Owner is not responsible for the provision by the User for any reason that is knowingly not reliable whether there is inaccurate truthful information. In such cases, the User is solely responsible for any consequences arising in connection with the provision of false, incomplete or inaccurate information to the Owner.
1.6. The owner also has the right to collect such information about user requests to the support service for the operation of the site and related services, questions, suggestions or complaints from users.
1.7. When a user visits a site and orders goods or services, the Owner has the right, but the User agrees with the Owner’s right to place small data files (cookies) on the computer or other device from which the user accessed the site. The owner uses these technologies to customize the site and advertising; Measure ad performance and collect information to reduce risk, prevent fraud, and build trust and security. The user can independently control the use of cookies in the settings of the Internet browser.

2.1. The Owner collects and uses only the user information that the Owner needs to correctly use the site for the provision of services and goods in accordance with the orders of the Users.
2.2. The Owner has the right to use the information received from Users as follows:
- administer the site and / or provide services, sell goods
- develop new products and services;
- provide the ordered services or goods;
- personalize the site;
- send technical messages and support and administrative messages;
- communicate about products, services, promotions, events and other news and information that may interest the user;
- track and analyze trends, usage and actions associated with the site and / or services;
- provide third parties with statistical information about users (but this third parties will not be able to identify any individual user with this information);
- verify compliance with the conditions governing the use of our website;
- link or combine personal data collected by the site
2.3. The website owner is the only controller and data processor, unless there is an objective need for the website owner to control / process and store information from the contractors or agents of the website owner.
2.4. The website owner has the right not to disclose the address of the recipient of the goods or services in the absence of consent to such disclosure by the recipient.

3.1. The owner has the right to provide, disclose, disclose or disseminate confidential information and personal data:
- suppliers of goods and services in accordance with the terms of contracts that help the Owner with parts of business operations;
- to banks;
- business entities that are part of the Owner’s ownership structure.
- law enforcement authorities, government officials or other parties, in the event that the disclosure / disclosure of confidential information or personal data is provided for by the current legislation of Ukraine;
- counterparties or agents for the processing of personal data, hired or cooperating with the Owner, whose services are required from a practical point of view;
- to other third parties, if the provision, distribution or disclosure of confidential information and personal data is caused by the need to provide the user with a service or product.

4. Access to Confidential Information
4.1. The Owner uses appropriate electronic and procedural safeguards to protect the confidentiality of the information that the User provides from loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration and destruction.
4.2. The owner does not disclose personal data and confidential information provided by users to other persons unless the disclosure of such information is expressly provided for by the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.
4.3. The User acknowledges that if the User neglects the security and protection of his personal data and authorization data on the Site, third parties may gain unauthorized access to the user’s account, personal and other data. In this case, the Website Owner is not liable for damage caused to the User by such access.
5.1. The owner reserves the right to change or supplement this Privacy Policy at any time if such an update is necessary or in the case of the entry into force of laws and other regulatory acts providing for changes to the current legislation of Ukraine in the field of use, collection and processing of confidential information or personal data.

6.1. Using the site and / or ordering services or goods, the User subscribes to the terms of this Privacy Policy, confirms and agrees to comply with the terms of the Privacy Policy.
6.2. If the User does not agree with the terms of the Privacy Policy in general or any part thereof, the User must refuse to use the Site and / or order services or goods.
6.3. In accordance with the Privacy Policy, the User guarantees and provides the Website Owner with the right to process the user's personal data, including the right to perform such actions to process personal data (in whole or in part in an automated system): storage, registration, modification, restoration and deletion. The User also agrees that personal data is included in the personal data base and no additional messages are required.
6.4. By ordering goods or services on the site, the User confirms that the terms of the Privacy Policy, the goals and the purpose of collecting and processing information are clear and understandable to him, the User gives his unconditional consent to the use of information by the Site Owner.
6.5. In case of complaints, recommendations or comments, the User has the right to contact the site support service
Email: [email protected]
Contact number: 044 495-00-00
6.6. Other conditions for the use of personal data and confidential information not regulated by this Policy and the Agreement on the collection and processing of personal data are regulated in accordance with the norms of the current legislation of Ukraine.

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