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Bouquet 41 roses

Most buyers choose roses. In this case, the choice is obvious, since these plants captivate with their attractive appearance, elegance and sophistication. Their buds resemble the shape of a glass, and the petals have a delicate and silky surface.

If you want to purchase a chic and luxurious arrangement, then pay attention to the bouquet, which contains 41 roses. With the help of such a bouquet you will definitely be able to surprise any person. You can give a bouquet of 41 roses in a passionate outburst or for inspiration, or simply for a suitable occasion.

The Camellia company sells a wide range of different varieties of roses on the market. You can order a bouquet of 41 roses from us, which our florist will create taking into account all the wishes of the customer. We select exclusively freshly cut roses for the composition, which:

From us you can buy 41 roses in a beautiful and original bouquet at a competitive price. We are a manufacturer, and therefore we guarantee high quality products.

Features of a flower arrangement of 41 roses

A bouquet of 41 roses has a huge advantage. First of all, it is necessary to allocate its large volume. With such a bouquet you will definitely be able to impress the recipient.

If you want to order a bouquet of 41 roses in Kyiv, then you can contact us at the florist salon as soon as necessary. We sell an arrangement of freshly cut flowers that can extend their freshness for several weeks if properly cared for. It is important that the 41 roses that you put in the vase are in water at room temperature.

If you order flowers in winter, they must acclimatize indoors for half an hour and only then can they be placed in water. If it so happens that the roses have been without moisture for a long time, then they will need to be placed in the bathroom. To prolong the freshness of flowers, you can feed them with:

When the flowers are in the vase, it is advisable not to touch their buds with your hands.

When can I give a bouquet of 41 roses?

A bouquet of 41 roses can be presented to a person with wishes of new achievements and success in his personal life. Also, a bouquet of 41 roses can be given as a gift for such holidays as:

This is a good gift for a manager or business partner. In this case, the bouquet can be placed in a basket or hat box. As a shade for flowers, you can choose burgundy roses, which symbolize deep respect.

A bouquet of 41 roses would be appropriate for the birthday of a person who has turned 41 years old. This is also a wonderful gift to celebrate a wedding anniversary.

When collecting 41 roses into a bouquet, our florist made sure that they were arranged properly and that all together they formed a colorful and voluminous composition. If necessary, the roses will be decorated with greenery or various other decorative items.

Our florists will offer you a choice of different varieties of roses to add to your bouquet. We are a large manufacturer that grows a large number of roses in our greenhouses, which allows the buyer not to be limited in his choice and choose exactly those roses for a bouquet that will satisfy his aesthetic taste.

How to place a purchase for a bouquet of roses 41 pieces

At your first desire, you can order a bouquet of 41 roses from us in a design that suits you. Our florists will help you prepare a flower arrangement for a wedding or other occasion. The sooner you contact us for an order, the more time the florist will have to prepare an original composition.

From us you can order a bouquet of 41 roses in Kyiv with courier delivery. Having indicated your address and a convenient time, our courier will come to you and hand over the bouquet in the form in which it was prepared by the florist. We also provide prompt delivery, which means that the courier will deliver the flowers to you within 1-2 hours.

For buyers, we will offer payment in a convenient way for them. You can make a purchase either in our florist salon or by phone, ordering flowers for delivery. Our staff will help you decide on the type of roses and create an original bouquet, the quality and appearance of which you will be completely satisfied with.



1. How much does a bouquet of roses cost?

You can find the cost of ready-made bouquets in the catalog of our website. If the composition is compiled individually, then its cost will depend on the number of roses, their variety, as well as the time the florist spent on the design.

2. How to store roses after purchase?

To preserve the original appearance of roses for as long as possible, they must first be acclimatized, then placed in a vase at room temperature, after cutting the stems at an angle and removing the lower leaves. To prolong freshness, you can also feed the plant with vinegar, sugar or citric acid.

3. What varieties of roses can you buy for a bouquet?

In our greenhouses we grow about several dozen roses, which differ from each other in various ways. Among them there are many popular varieties, as well as those that you can only see in our store.

4. How to order a bouquet of roses with delivery?

You can order delivery in Kyiv at a time convenient for you. We also have a service for delivering flowers directly to the recipient. In order to place an order for delivery, you need to call our manager or leave an online request on our website.

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