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Bouquet with peonies

Bouquets of peonies - a delicate fragrance for those who are dear to you

Fragrant peony - one of the most charming flowers in nature. With their full, sensual form and lush soft silk petals, richly beautiful bouquets of peony portend the coming of spring and are a favorite of many. Bright and expressive aroma, the fullness of the revealed and unique forms of buds, what could be better than such a gift?

Stunning on their own or mixed with other colors, peony compositions will captivate every time. Our florists will create a beautiful summer bouquet of peonies for any event. Peony pricing is often a decisive factor that only adds dispatch features.

A gorgeous bouquet of peonies, how to care to please the eye as long as possible?

  1. Peonies should be placed in a cool place, protected from direct sunlight.

  2. Cut flowers can be brittle and break when handled improperly, so leave them more space and only move them as needed.

  3. With proper care, they will last about 7 days or more.

Follow our recommendations for the care of flowers and let beautiful bouquets of peonies warm your heart with pleasant memories.

A variety of colors for every taste

Here you can choose and buy a bouquet of peonies, which still arrive at the embryo stage and fully open after delivery to the recipient.

Order peony bouquets for a beautiful and unique gift that is perfect for any occasion. You can make an order online, and we will send freshly cut flowers to the specified address so that the recipient can immediately enjoy the flowering process.

There are peonies in our catalog all year round, and you can choose from a variety of color shades: white peonies, pale pink, bright saturated pink, cream, coral, blue, bright yellow. Therefore, they are perfect for any celebration, like decor or an addition to the outfit.

In addition, in our stores there are bouquets consisting only of peonies or combined and supplemented with other flowers. Often bouquets with peonies are complemented by roses and other flowers.

Bouquet of white peonies for the most tender

On the most important day in life, a wonderful large or, on the contrary, small bouquet of peonies will be an excellent combination with the bride’s dress. Our florists will select a floral arrangement for the bride to make the celebration unforgettable.

The choice of the number of flowers that the bouquet will consist of, as well as the selection of suitable wrapping paper, is also available at your choice. In addition, you can always choose the height and diameter of the upper part of the bouquet, and our decorators will select an elegant and suitable wrapper.

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