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Bouquets for February 14

Original bouquet for February 14 from the Camellia florist salon

In our country, the holiday of February 14 is very popular. On this day, every representative of the stronger sex in love is simply obliged to buy a bouquet on February 14 and give it to his other half. A bouquet for Valentine's Day is a must-have attribute for a gift. If you want to do something nice for someone dear to you, then it is best to choose flowers for February 14 at the professional florist salon “Camellia”. We have experienced florists who will prepare a bouquet for Valentine's Day to suit your personal requests or offer an original ready-made version from the display case. We offer to buy a bouquet for February 14th in an unusual design and with flowers suitable for you.

We have been in the flower market for more than 25 years, and therefore we know the needs of our customers well. We will do everything possible to ensure that when you contact us for a purchase, you are satisfied with our service and assortment of bouquets.

Give a bouquet on February 14th from professional florists

We have creative people working in our store who will prepare a bouquet for February 14 right in front of you. You can come to our store and within a short time, flowers on February 14 will be collected for you in the form of a beautiful flower arrangement. If desired, the flowers in the bouquet will be additionally decorated:

Our employees carefully monitor all trends in the field of floristry, and therefore the bouquet for Valentine's Day will be composed in accordance with floral etiquette. Our employees are constantly trained so that the buyer in the store can buy only the best option that exists on the market.

Choose flowers for February 14 with suitable symbols

For each holiday, certain flowers are preferred. Therefore, it is necessary to choose flowers for February 14 with certain symbolism. It is better to choose flowers for Valentine's Day that symbolize:

Based on this symbolism, it is best to choose flowers for Valentine's Day from the following list:

To buy flowers for Valentine's Day you need the following shades:

On this day, roses and tulips are most popular. The Camellia flower shop sells its own roses. In the store window you can see different varieties of roses. There are also some among them that our employees brought out themselves. Bouquets of tulips for February 14 are affordable. From us you can order compact bouquets or a voluminous composition, which will consist of a large number of tulips with different shades, at a low cost. Florists arrange them into a bouquet in such a way that it looks stylish and all the shades are combined with each other.

Bouquet for Valentine's Day - a wide selection of original compositions

If you are looking for an original and beautiful bouquet for Valentine's Day, then in our catalog you will find a suitable composition into which the author has invested a piece of his creativity. Therefore, each bouquet has its own characteristics and is not similar to standard market products.

You can pay attention to the composition of roses in the shape of a heart. It could be a “Pink Heart with an Avalanch Rose” or a “Love You” heart arrangement. You can also win the heart of a young girl with the help of the “Pink Morning” bouquet. And if you decide to propose on this day, then the “Marry me” heart composition is at your service. Perhaps your girlfriend likes peonies. Therefore, you can order the “Peony Mousse” composition or the “Soufflé” bouquet with white peonies. You also won't lose if you order a bouquet of 101 roses.

To diversify the flower arrangement, our florists are ready to prepare a bouquet by adding various sweets or a soft toy. Each bouquet is made from scratch, and therefore in our assortment you can see compositions that are not similar to each other.

Whatever bouquet you choose from our catalog for Valentine’s Day, you will be completely satisfied with its quality and design.

Order a bouquet with delivery

Among the advantages of our store, it is necessary to note the availability of delivery services in Kyiv. If you don’t have time to go shopping, you can solve your problem without leaving home. Flowers will be delivered on February 14 at a time convenient for you and to the address specified.

You can order any bouquet presented in the catalog with delivery. You can also purchase a custom-made arrangement by expressing your wishes to the florist. Our employee will fill the bouquet with beautiful and fresh flowers and arrange it in such a way as to satisfy all your wishes.

We do not raise prices for flowers on February 14, and therefore you have the opportunity to order them at an affordable price on the day of the holiday. To order a bouquet, you can come to our store or make a purchase on our website.



What flowers to buy on February 14?

Roses and tulips are in particular demand on this day. These are flowers that symbolize pure and strong love. On Valentine's Day you can also buy lotuses, forget-me-nots, anthuriums, gladioli, peonies, asters, carnations and other flowers as gifts.

Is it possible to give one rose on February 14th?

A gift of one rose is a great option for you if you are just starting to date and want to give your girlfriend something nice for Valentine's Day. You can also give one rose to your work colleagues or your friends as a sign of attention and care.

What can you buy in your store on February 14?

On Valentine's Day, our product range is replenished with romantic compositions. These can be bouquets in the shape of a heart, as well as compositions based on plants in red, white and pink shades. Every customer will find a worthy bouquet for their other half in the store.

What are the terms of delivery and payment?

You can call our store and order delivery of the bouquet you like from the website catalog. You can pay for your purchase directly to your card or after delivery by courier. Delivery is carried out at a convenient time or within 1-2 hours after ordering.

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