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Bouquets for March 8

Original bouquets of primroses for March 8

It may seem that by the first days of spring only snowdrops are sprouting. However, when choosing flowers for March 8, you can make sure that the range of products on this day is much wider. This is partly due to the established import of flowers into our country. On the other hand, the domestic manufacturer also makes sure that the bouquet for March 8 is as diverse as possible.

This is also due to the Camellia florist chain. In our store, customers can choose flowers on March 8 from a wide selection. On sale you can see:

Therefore, if you want to choose flowers for March 8, you will want to visit our flower shop. From us, customers will be able to purchase a bouquet of flowers for March 8, which will consist of bright, fresh and carefully selected plants.

Bouquet of flowers for March 8th from primroses

When making bouquets for March 8, florists mainly use primroses. These are the favorite flowers for this holiday. Flowers March 8 for this season are characterized by:

That is why florists select flowers for March 8 bouquets from primroses. Such a bouquet for March 8 will give positive emotions and lift the mood for any woman.

Tulips are a favorite among primroses. These flowers are on sale by March 8 thanks to their imports. They even surpass roses in popularity for this holiday.

As an official bouquet, you can give red and yellow tulips. For a beloved and dear woman, it is best to choose a bouquet on March 8 from tulips of various colors, because plants with yellow and red buds will no longer surprise anyone.

Therefore, florists prepare colorful and voluminous mixes. They may include tulips in such shades as:

Multi-colored tulips make a bouquet of flowers for March 8 that is as lush and voluminous as possible. The florist selects tulips with closed buds for the bouquet, which allows the flowers themselves to remain in the house for a long time, filling it with a pleasant spring aroma.

In the Camellia chain of stores you can buy a bouquet of 15, 25, 51, 75, 101 or more tulips. If you want to order something else besides tulips or roses, then you can pay attention to such compositions from our catalog as “Spring basket with ranunculi”. You can also choose a “Lime” bouquet, which includes lilacs and daffodils. Perhaps someone will be intrigued by the “Mimosa” bouquet, which you can purchase at an affordable price.

We create a bouquet for March 8 according to individual requests

If you want to buy a bouquet for March 8 that has an original shape and content, then you can contact our experienced florists for help. You can order flowers from them for March 8, which will be decorated in a beautiful bouquet with the addition of those plants, greenery and decor that you like the most.

Our employee will create a magnificent bouquet right in front of you, with which you can surprise any woman. Our flower shop provides a wide range of services, which allows you to buy flowers for March 8th not in the same format as is usually presented on the market.

Flowers for March 8th for your wife’s daughter or mother

First of all, men want to congratulate the women closest to them on this beautiful spring day. Knowing this, florists carefully select flowers for March 8 so that the man is satisfied with the purchase and can make his daughter, wife or mother happy.

For your daughter, our florists will offer to buy a bouquet of flowers for March 8th from delicate tulips. For his dear and beloved wife, a man can choose a bouquet of roses. If you also want to choose a bouquet of primroses for your wife, then you can look at such compositions as:

To bring joy to your mother, you can give her tulips in a hat box. Such packaging for flowers has appeared on the market relatively recently. When your mother was young, she definitely didn’t have such gifts. And therefore, you can surprise her, despite the fact that at one time she received many bouquets from her fans or her husband.

Advantages of our store

Each employee of our store is a creative person. They show all their talents when making bouquets. Therefore, we guarantee that in our store you will be able to choose a truly extraordinary and beautiful bouquet. At the same time, prices for flowers on March 8 are affordable for everyone. Compared to roses, orchids and other winter flowers, primroses are inexpensive. The price of flowers on March 8 allows a man to purchase a gift for all female representatives in his family.

Among the main advantages of our store it is also necessary to note:

If you want to order a bouquet with delivery, then call our store and specify what time it is convenient for you to receive the bouquet from the courier. We will not disappoint you with our service and you will be completely satisfied with the exclusive design of the bouquet you ordered from us.



What flowers are the most popular on March 8?

Tulips take the lead in sales. In terms of sales, they even surpass roses. In addition to tulips, buyers can also choose crocuses, ranunculus, daffodils, irises or hyacinths.

Should you give roses on March 8?

The best time to buy roses is in winter. In the spring, on the holiday of March 8, primroses bloom, and they should be given preference. However, if you haven’t given your wife roses for a long time or these are her favorite flowers, then there should be no limits in this case.

What bouquets can be ordered on March 8?

On sale, buyers can expect mixes or mono-bouquets of primroses, roses and many other flowers. Depending on the budget, the buyer can choose a compact or voluminous bouquet, with the help of which he will be able to lift the mood for any representative of the fair sex.

How can I pay for my purchase?

We offer the most convenient service for customers. Therefore, you can pay for products either by card or in cash. Payment upon delivery can be made directly to the card or you can wait for the courier to deliver the flowers and pay him in cash.

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