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Rose - the queen of flowers, the favorite of women

This beautiful flower is able to conquer the heart of any woman. It is appropriate for any occasion. And this is not surprising, because today there are about 30 thousand varieties of roses.

Roses are beautiful in any quantity - they are presented with bouquets and an exquisite composition consisting of a single flower. On the color scheme, you can only say that it contains all the colors of the rainbow, known varieties of blue, greenish shades and even black.

Choose a bouquet for a beautiful lady

When we are going to present a bouquet to a dear person, we always worry about the freshness of the rose, because we want her to please her beauty for as long as possible. You need to pay attention to everything: bud, leaves, stem. They should be dense, shiny, and the cut - light green.

Many believe that it is better to buy a rose with a closed bud, but this is not always the case, and the bud may not open. It is better to buy a bud that opened in half or a little more.

To keep the roses bought fresh for a long time, place them in large vases with plenty of water. It is advisable to change the water daily and update the cut. The cut should be done obliquely so as not to hinder the nutrition of the stem.

Flowers by "Camellia" home delivery

Flowers Corporation "Camellia" on the Ukrainian market has existed for over 27 years. On 11 hectares of land flowers are grown over three thousand items for wholesale and retail, landscape design and other areas. To date, we have more than 20 branded stores in Kyiv, where you can buy fresh flowers at wholesale prices. You can buy in bulk or make a piece choice, the price of a single rose depends on its variety and the height of the stem.

You can order and buy flowers in Kyiv - roses individually or in bulk through the online store shop.camellia.ua, prices are quite affordable. Delivery is carried out by courier service in Kyiv and the region daily.

You can pay for your order in cash at the store or with a Visa/MasterCard payment card through the Portmone system.

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