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Bouquet 15 roses

At many times, flowers were considered an excellent gift for various occasions. As a bouquet, you can choose a composition of 15 roses. This is an affordable gift that is not embarrassing to give even for an anniversary or other significant holiday. You can purchase a bouquet of 15 roses in a hat box or other packaging.

The «Camellia» company will create a bouquet of 15 roses using various decorative materials at your first request. For the composition we will select freshly cut flowers that:

You can buy 15 roses with any shade of buds from us. Thanks to our own production, we have the opportunity to satisfy any customer demand by providing roses of various varieties.

Who can I give a bouquet of 15 roses to?

A bouquet of 15 roses can be considered a universal gift, which is perfect for a girlfriend or wife, as well as for a mother-in-law. A caring father can give such a bouquet to his daughter. It can be given as a gift:

You can always order a bouquet of 15 roses in Kyiv at the Camellia florist salon. Our salon employs experienced florists who have unique techniques for folding bouquets. They can make a simple and laconic bouquet, or prepare an original composition that will have an unusual shape and attractive style. In the composition, 15 roses will look great together with greenery, ribbons and other floral decor.

How to choose a bouquet of 15 roses

A bouquet of 15 roses must be chosen exclusively in a professional salon, where they primarily care about the freshness of the plants. The freshness of the flower will be indicated by the bud, which must have the correct shape. All petals should fit tightly to each other. The leaves under the bud should be deep green and upturned.

A bouquet of 15 roses should be chosen depending on the color scheme. This is due to the fact that each shade symbolizes certain feelings.

A bouquet of 15 roses can be chosen for men if the stems of such flowers are tall and the inflorescence has a loose middle. As a shade of buds for a men's bouquet, you can choose:

For women, it is necessary to choose rich and deep shades. For a young girl, it is best to order roses in pastel colors. Red roses are suitable for a declaration of love.

When choosing 15 roses, you should be well aware that any defects may be noticeable on light petals. Therefore, you need to very carefully choose bouquets that include white roses or pastel-colored flowers.

A bouquet of 15 roses in orange, blue or yellow can be given to your boss or work colleague. This is a good bouquet option for a business partner. With this bouquet you can emphasize:

Thanks to our large production, every customer has the opportunity to order a chic and voluminous bouquet from us for any occasion. Our assortment includes roses of various varieties, which does not limit your choice.

How to make a purchase for a bouquet of roses 15 pieces

To purchase a bouquet of 15 roses you just need to go to our flower shop. If you do not have time to visit a florist salon, then you can place an order for delivery in Kyiv or Ukraine through our manager. You can order a composition from us that will be prepared for:

Our florist salon always has flowers in the required quantity. At any time you can come to us and order a bouquet of 15 roses in the format you need. The florist will create a composition right in front of you, choosing freshly cut flowers for it.

You can also order a bouquet of 15 roses in Kyiv with prompt delivery. Our courier will deliver flowers to you within 1-2 hours. We will offer you an affordable price and first-class service.



1. How much does a bouquet of roses cost?

The cost of the bouquet depends on the type of roses chosen that will fill the composition. If you want to prepare a more original bouquet in shape with the addition of various decorative elements, then the price will be a little more expensive.

2. How to store roses after purchase?

In order for the flowers to continue to look original for as long as possible, you need to trim the stems by 2-3 centimeters at an acute angle and place them in a vase with water at room temperature. The water must be changed every day. The bouquet should be kept away from drafts and direct rays of the sun.

3. What varieties of roses can you buy for a bouquet?

Our assortment includes a larger number of roses, including Grand Prix, Avalanche, Sophia Loren, Taleya, Grazia spray, El Toro and many others. If you wish, you can order a bouquet with any variety of roses, as we always try to have as many varieties of roses as possible available for sale in the store.

4. How to order a bouquet of roses with delivery?

You can call us at a time convenient for you and order a bouquet for delivery. Our own courier will deliver the finished bouquet to the specified address and at the time required for you. Delivery is carried out to any corner of Kyiv.


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