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Orchid Phalaenopsis in assortment.
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Orchid Phalaenopsis in assortment.

Vendor code 4589 Available

    Orchid Phalaenopsis is one of the most common and favorite orchids in the world. You can buy orchids from us in assortment.
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Phalaenopsis Orchid Assortment is a refined touch of nature in your home. The beauty of these flowers enchants and impresses with their elegance. At Camellia store, we offer you a wide selection of orchids sourced from the best suppliers.

Our orchids are known for their refinement and durability. We guarantee the high quality of each specimen. Purchasing an orchid from us, you can be confident in its freshness and beauty.

Phalaenopsis Orchid is an incredible, stunning flower that you can't help but be enchanted with. Its name in translation from Greek means "similar to a butterfly". She really resembles a gentle and at the same time full of strength and energy of a moth. The outlines of the petals are similar to various geometric shapes with a variety of shades and transitions. Easy to care for and elegant beauty makes the plant incredibly popular among amateur and professional florists. Buy an orchid online store "Camellia" and give a wonderful mood to yourself or to people who are not indifferent to you.

Orchid is a mythical flower that fascinates at first sight

Ancient China is considered the birthplace of this exotic handsome man. But the first indoor orchids were planted in Britain and France.

The orchid, which you can now purchase in Kiev, is one of the most famous indoor plants. Many colors, shapes and aromas are striking in their variety. Some phalaenopsis varieties live up to 10 years. Most of the species were bred specifically for keeping indoors, taking into account the temperature and humidity of our premises, so taking care of them will not be difficult.

Benefits of Orchids that many did not know about

There are some interesting facts about the healing properties of orchids:

  1. This is an excellent pain reliever in the form of brewed tea.

  2. When flowering, it releases a bactericidal substance that helps cleanse the air from pathogenic microbes.

  3. Some varieties are used as a sedative.

  4. Helps in the treatment of skin diseases and diseases of the pancreas.

Buy an orchid in a variety of shades that have a special meaning

Plant color plays an important role:

  • a white orchid at a tempting price is perfect as a gift for a loved one on his birthday or as a present for March 8;

  • pink and red tones carry romantic feelings and passion, so these flowers are a wonderful gift for your beloved women;

  • sunny yellow shades symbolize friendship and appreciation - an excellent gift for a friend;

  • Buy purple phalaenopsis to friends or colleagues as a sign of respect and admiration.

You can buy an orchid in Kiev 2 branches by visiting our store. Our assortment includes a wide range of different types and varieties. Experienced consultants will help you make the right choice and select an exquisite plant, telling as much information as possible about each flower.

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