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Lucky Yo-Yo spray
Vendor code 15034 Available
Payment method
  • Kyiv - 125 uah (from 3 hours)
  • Delivery in Kyiv region
  • Self-pickup - free

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delivered the next morning

  • Cashless payments 
  • Payment in cash in our shop

Lucky Yo-Yo spray

Vendor code 15034 Is available

Height Price (per 1 piece):
85 uah

Minimal order is 15 st

When placing an order in the catalog of single flowers, bouquets are formed from the number of flowers not lower than the specified minimum order for the position.

0 uah

+ uah florist service
(10% of the flower cost)

--- uah

+ -- uah ---

Total: --- uah


Still have questions?
Just please call us: 067 214 64 69

  • From 3 hours to Kyiv and Kyiv region
  • Self-pickup - free
  • Cashless payments
  • Cash payment in our shop

Still have questions?
Just please call us: 067 214 64 69


To order flowers in packs without the services of a florist: stripping from thorns, leaves and forming a bouquet, contact the manager.


Camellia - your best choice for gifts and decorations! Introducing our new hit - rose Lucky Yo-Yo spray.

  • Enjoy the natural beauty: each rose is a masterpiece of nature preserved by our craftsmen.
  • Exclusive design: every bouquet looks incredible thanks to the unique spray that keeps the flowers fresh and radiant.
  • Naturalness: we use only the finest roses from our own gardens to make Lucky Yo-Yo spray.
  • Eco-friendliness: our products contain no harmful substances and do not harm the environment.

Choose rose Lucky Yo-Yo spray at Camellia store and immerse yourself in the magic of living nature. Experience the quality of our production and dive into the world of luxurious bouquets.

Camellia - your choice for the best moments in life!

Product added to cart

It’s a better bargain to order this ammount of flowers in a bouquet, as when ordering fewer flowers cash on delivery will be more expensive than the bouquet.

Availability information Sorry, item not available, check with the manager: 067 214 64 69 [email protected]

Delivery in Kyiv region:

City: Price (uah):
Kyiv 200
Bilohorodka 800
Boryspil 900
Boyarka 800
Bortnichi 400
Brovary 700
Bucha 550
Vasilkov 1200
Vita-Poshtova 800
Vyshneve 450
Vishenki 800
Vyshgorod 450
Hatne 550
Gora 800
Horenychi 700
Gorenka 450
Hostomelʹ 550
Gvozdiv 900
Glevaha 1000
Zazym'ye 800
Irpinʹ 550
Kozin 900
Konche-Zaspa 800
Kotsyubynske 450
Krushynka 1200
Kryukovshchina 550
Lisnyky 600
Lichanka 1200
Lyutezh 800
Markhalevka 900
Mrigi 850
Novosilky (Goloseevskoe direction) 550
Novosilky Vyshhorodsʹkyy rayon 950
New Petrivtsi 500
Oseshchyna 550
Podhirtsi 1000
Pohreby 600
Prolisky 600
Pukhovka 1000
Pushcha Voditsa 400
Petropavlovskaya Borshchagovka 450
Old Petrivtsi 600
Sviatopetrivske 550
Stoyanka 700
Shchaslyve 700
Tarasivka 800
Sofievskaya Borshchagovka 450
Khodosivka 800
Khotiv 600
Khotyanovka 750
Chabani 600
Chayky 500
Chubynsʹke 800
Shpit'ki 900
Yurivka 800
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